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The Villas at Centennial Hills

The Villas at Centennial Hills are specifically designed to suit the needs of elders by creating a familiar and comfortable home combined with state of the art amenities including:

  • Private Rooms with En-suite Private Full Bathrooms.
  • Large Landscaped Patio, Gardens and Walking paths.
  • Open Kitchen and Dining Room.
  • Hearth/Living Area.
  • Spa/Salon.
  • Therapy Gym.

Our community consists of 6 free-standing homes on 5 acres of land. The grounds are manicured with lawns and benches, trees, walking paths, and tables where residents can pursue outdoor interests, enjoy nature, and participate in social activities.

Inside, each Villa is built with 12 private bedrooms, each with its own bathroom and shower. There are no long hallways, double rooms or central nurse stations. Residential finishes and furnishing are found throughout the home and enhance the comfort and familiarity for our residents. The living area is spacious with comfortable seating and a maximum of natural sunlight. Each home contains an open kitchen where residents can cook their own meals if they wish and a large central dining room where the members of the house can dine together. Not “homelike” as many nursing facilities strive to be, but an actual home! Elders are encouraged to socialize and to participate in meals and activities together, but are given the freedom and the ability to truly dictate their own schedule.

The Villas each boast a spa where elders can receive salon services and a gym for exercise and therapy. The Villas at Centennial Hills are state of the art custom built homes where elders can live with autonomy and dignity while receiving the best of nursing, therapy and life enrichment activities.